Windows Before And After


Why Use Alpine Window Washing?

Alpine Window Washing has over 10 years of experience, and has received two of Daily Herald's "Best of Utah County: Readers' Choice Awards," the last being in 2016! Its recent new ownership brings a family-run feel and foreign work ethic that makes it unique to other window washing companies in the area. It is Alpine Window Washing's main priority to provide detailed service and establish a loyal customer relationship.

Are You Insured?

Yes.  While many window washing companies in Salt lake and Utah County overlook this, we understand that we should carry the risk.  You can rest easy that we are covered.

Do You Wash In the Winter?

Yes! In fact, we recommend winter washes, especially for commercial clients. 

How Often Should I Clean My Windows?

At least twice per year–although it is recommended to wash once per season for residential and monthly for commercial.  Over time water deposits from dust and minerals in rain and snow build up.  If these deposits remain too long they will damage the glass.  A consistent clean with the change of each climate/season will significantly reduce the risk of any damage, and prolong the life of your windows.

How Does Rain Affect Recently Cleaned Windows?

Rain alone does very little to make the windows dirty; the water is pure and with no salt or chemical deposits.  The real reason rain "stains" windows is due to already-present, harmful deposits such as dust, pollen, and bugs.  Without these deposits, windows will stay clean longer, and will be less likely to be affected by rain.

Do You Provide Any Other Services?

Yes. Along with window washing, Alpine Window Washing also provides screen cleaning, window track cleaning, and hard water removal. As far as unrelated services, we also provide gutter cleaning, power washing, and holiday lighting. 

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