Holiday Lighting

Holiday Lighting1

Holiday Lighting

Product Options

  • Customer's lights: Customer provides lights for installation. 
  • Custom purchase: First installation includes installation price in addition to purchase of custom lights, subsequent holiday seasons only include installation price (as customer will own lights from first installation). 
  • Combination: Custom purchase in addition to lights that are already owned by customer.              


  • Wide variety of sizes.
  • C9 commercial grade incandescent bulbs and LED lighting 
  • Red, green, white, blue, and yellow
  • White, green, or brown wiring


  • Lights are individually fastened to the shingles or gutters of the home. 
  •  Our precision installation ensures that the lights are mounted straight.
  • Lights are mounted with clips so no modifications or drilling to the home is required.
  • Our standard service package includes installation along the eves of the entire face of the home.  For an additional fee, we install around windows, doors, garages and trees.

Call us at 801-477-4006, or CLICK HERE for a free quote on our Holiday Lighting service.

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